CMS’ Communications Division can help your organization effectively distribute its message to key decision-makers, other organizations, and the general public. Even if you have internal communications expertise, CMS can assist in everything from a press event that yields results, to a long-term public education campaign. Best results in this important area start with an understanding of the different forms of media and appreciation for the professionals who report and edit the news stories. Not only do CMS’ communications staff have direct knowledge of media institutions, but also a close working relationship with reporters, news anchors, and radio interviewers.

CMS can also help with longer term public education projects. Such outreach requires an agreement from all stakeholders on what the core message should be. Our approach is to facilitate this type of dialogue internally and then develop the message in a more succinct format for public review. Americans are receiving more than a thousand times as much information than only a generation ago, and this is not a trend that is likely to slow, let alone reverse.

Making your voice heard above such a din can mean the difference to meeting your group’s objectives. All organizations require an outside perspective from time to time; our communications experts are well versed in studying your operation and making suggestions as to which area is best to highlight for maximum results.

CMS' Communications Division can also provide short and long-term assistance with such promotional materials as brochures, websites, and targeted electronic communication. Typical projects and services include:

•Public Service Campaigns
•Press Event Coordination
•Ballot Measures
•Media Relations Strategy

For additional information, please contact the head of our Governmental Affairs and Communications Divisions, Andrew Geiger, at (406) 442-4934