Human Resource Services

CMS offers a wide variety of human resource management services to all types of organizations, including public-sector agencies, large and small private businesses, and non-profit organizations. Ranging from small projects such as developing policies or writing performance appraisal plans, to more complex projects like designing state-of-the-art classification and compensation systems, our consultants have the in-depth knowledge, practical experience, and proven technical expertise to help your organization meet its management objectives.

Whether you are hiring new employees, changing staff responsibilities, or maintaining current operations, it is important to evaluate and document your staff’s responsibilities on a regular basis. CMS has expertise in evaluating jobs and revising or writing new job descriptions to ensure you create an environment that enables and encourages your employees to succeed. We provide related services in the following areas:

Writing Position Descriptions
Conducting Skills Assessments
Identifying Appropriate Job Qualifications
Job Evaluation and Classification
Developing Promotion and Professional Development Systems/Career Ladders
Occupational Analyses

In today’s job market it is critical to attract and retain the best and brightest employees. Compensation is one of the key components in staff retention. CMS can help ensure your organization stays competitive by providing salary surveys and market assessments and by helping you unify your business strategies to create a solid, functioning business model. CMS can help with:

Compensation System Design
Pay Plan Rules and Procedures
Market Studies
Salary Surveys and Analyses
Pay Program Needs Assessment
Linking Pay to Business Strategies
Benefit Plan Analysis

As an Executive team or Board, one of the most time-intensive responsibilities is adapting your organization to the changing environment. CMS can make this transition easier. CMS can lead strategic planning, reorganization, and organizational analysis and development efforts and revise or develop policy to allow you to focus on your day-to-day business needs. Our expertise includes:

Strategic Planning
Leadership Development
Policy Development
Work Flow Analysis

Performance management requires ongoing communication between management and individual employees throughout the year in support of accomplishing the strategic objectives of the organization. CMS will develop and train your staff to foster constructive feedback in your organization. We provide consultation with:

Performance Appraisal Systems
Management Training
Staff Orientation and Training
Succession Planning
Leadership Development

No matter the size of your business or organization, the relationship with your employees can be delicate and demanding. With over 25 years of experience in working with people, we have the background and knowledge to help your organization successfully manage employee relations in compliance with personnel policy and law and best practices in human resource management. When difficult employee relations situations arise, we provide professional guidance to get the problem solved. Areas of expertise include:

Employee Communications
Workplace Investigations
Administering Employee Counseling and Discipline
Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance
Fair Labor Standards Act Compliance
Conflict Resolution
Policy Development
Employee Handbooks
Expert Witness Analysis of Employment Cases for Both Employers and Aggrieved Employees

Attracting, selecting and retaining a competent workforce in compliance with employment practices is a challenge for all employees. CMS provides effective recruitment and selection processes and provides all the resources necessary to help you hire talented employees, including executive professionals. CMS will provide consultation on advertising, candidate screening, interviewing and professional reference checks to help you find the ideal staff and executive personnel to fit your team and take your organization to the next level. We will also work with your organization to develop strategies to retain talent including developing existing employees, succession planning, and promotion. Recruitment, selection, and retention services include:

Job Posting and Advertising
Applicant Screening and Testing
Executive Professional Recruitment
Position Description and Selection Criteria
Professional Reference Checks

CMS utilizes industry-proven tools to measure and assess employee competencies (knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors), identify performance gaps necessary to achieve organizational objectives and goals, and implement the right resources to equip and motivate employees to excel at their jobs. Managing competency is important for long-term sustainability, and crucial in the area of succession planning. CMS accomplishes this through:

Readiness Assessments
Competency Models
Behavior-Based Interviewing Tools
Competency-Based Performance Management
Competency and Performance-Based Compensation
Integrated Competency Systems

The human resource field is a fast-paced environment that must keep up with today’s work culture and regulation. We offer the following trainings to help your management team grow and meet new demands in the workplace:

Management Training
Employment Practices
Preventing Harassment and Discrimination
Interpersonal Communication