Governmental Affairs

CMS services a wide variety of organizations involved in governmental interactions, ranging from official representation during legislative sessions and interim proceedings, to rule-making and implementation in the executive branch of government. Montana’s legislature is frequently called a “citizens’ legislature,” meaning the members who serve are not professional politicians. Interactions with those who choose this important component of public service confirm this notion, and our experience is that the vast majority of legislators want only to serve their constituents and their communities. Yet the hectic pace during sessions, and the long stretch of time in between when the legislature meets for general business, sometimes means your organization needs assistance in making your voice heard.

Our governmental affairs team is headed by professionals who are well seasoned in legislative mechanisms, policy analysis, and the impact of any pending legislation, not only on our clients’ needs but the general public. We approach the policy-making process with respect for the legislative institution and admiration for those who choose to knock on their neighbors' doors and ask for the privilege of representing them in Helena. Yet we also know that misguided public policy can be allowed to develop and become law due to tight time demands and lack of oversight. CMS believes good public policy requires maximum transparency and seeks to add our expertise to the process with this goal in mind.

Ultimately, the legislative process comes down to communication--from constituents to their elected representatives, between individual members, with leadership in both chambers, and between major stakeholder organizations and the legislature as a whole. Not only is CMS well positioned to make sure your concerns and needs are given a full vetting during committee hearings and floor debates, we understand the need to complete the communication loop and provide updates to the members of your organization as the process unfolds. Your daily business continues apace even as a legislative session demands your attention. Our governmental affairs team can make sure you have a strong presence in the capitol as you tend to core operations. Typical projects and services include:

•Bill Development
•Interim Committee Monitoring
•Analysis of Agency Regulatory Activity

For additional information, please contact the head of our Governmental Affairs and Communications Divisions, Andrew Geiger, at (406) 442-4934

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