Management Consulting

CMS can partner with your management team to address any number of challenges your organization faces. Whether it is structural change, long-term strategic planning, or the appearance of an unplanned crisis, our management consultants bring an outside perspective to build upon internal expertise. We also understand these types of large-scale decisions are a layer of responsibility on top of normal administrative duties. Our goal is to quickly blend with key decision-makers with the mutual goal of efficiently completing the project so that your organization’s core mission is not impeded in any way.

CMS’ consulting services are designed to give our principal experts longer term attention to a fewer number of clients. That said, our consultants have experience working with hundreds of organizations nationally, both in the private and public sectors. This experience allows us to analyze your organization within this large representative sample of successful endeavors, and share best practices that can add value to how you oversee your base of employees, customers, and constituents.

We believe any relationship with a consultant should have three components: clearly defined objectives (deliverables), no disruption of daily operations, and accountability at the end of the project. While well-versed in organizational theory, our consultants know that managing an organization requires an understanding of all levels of responsibility within an organizational structure. We will not only meet the objectives of any study, but interact with your staff to communicate any likely changes stemming from CMS’ recommendations. In fact, it is the communication component that is needed most at the completion of a project. While project reports are essential, our experience shows there is no substitute for an in-person presentation by the consulting team to your governing board or elected body. Following the completion of a study, our consultants will remain available to advise you on the implementation of recommendations for as long as is needed at no additional cost to your organization. Typical projects and services include:

• Structural Reorganization
• Strategic Planning
• Development of Management Systems
• Management Strategies

For additional information, please contact the head of our Human Resources Management and Management Consulting Divisions, Jim Kerins, at (406) 442-4934